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How we help coaches in Nebraska.

Our goal is to develop and cultivate growth in coaches who work with early childhood educators to improve access to quality care and education for all young children and their families across the state. Hundreds of trained coaches work with teachers, administrators, directors and other professionals in nearly every corner of Nebraska, serving as valued resources and a vast community of support.

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Our role and purpose.

Did you know there are more than 10,000 people who work in early childhood education settings in Nebraska? This includes preschools, child care centers, family home child cares, Head Start programs, public school programs and more. These educators are responsible for guiding the development of children in their most formative years – it’s a big job! Coaches help early childhood education teachers grow and develop in their skills, explore career paths, give guidance and training, and provide general support. Throughout the state, many organizations and initiatives offer this important service: check out Nebraska Early Childhood Coaching Initiatives.

The Coach Development Network aims to bring all these coaches and initiatives together to strengthen the early childhood field in Nebraska, led by the regional Early Learning Communities Coach Consultants in our state. By providing consistent guidelines and practices, and connecting coaches to each other, we are elevating the profession, amplifying the outcomes and building equity in our state.


Our foundation: the collaborating partners.